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Peanuts, Groundnuts, Seseme Seeds


Cargo Desiccant Pack is a solution to moisture and humidity control in cargo containers


Cargo Desiccant Pack is vadodara based manufacturers of Cargo Desiccant Pack which are a solution to moisture and humidity control in cargo containers . Peanuts when exposed to humid air for extended periods of time can create adverse effects like;

Food and Beverage


Logistics and Shipping



Insect Growth




Rejection of Consignment




What is Desiccant ?

Desiccant is a drying agent that is used to absorb moisture form the air inside moisture barrier bags. Desiccant absorbs moisture vapor (humidity) from the air left inside the barrier bag after it has been sealed. Any Moisture that penetrates the bag will also will absorbed. Desiccant remains dry to touch even when it is fully saturated with moisture vapor.


Cargo Desiccant Bag is an ALL IN ONE SOLUTION for moisture and humidity in cargo containers

Cargo Desiccant Bag is an ALL IN ONE SOLUTION helps protect your groundnuts / peanuts shipments from these moisture damage by controlling humidity inside the container. This eliminates problems of spoilage, soggyness, insect growth, rancidity.

To protect your peanuts from the above issue, use our Cargo Desiccant Pack inside your container shipments. By simply hanging or sticking our Cargo Desiccant Pack humidity can be controlled inside the container. Our CDP can absorb over 250% moisture / water vapour.

We offer extremely affordable solutions and can help you save and protect your peanuts and other oilseed shipments like sesame seeds and other nuts.



  • Place VA Pharma Pack Cargo Desiccant Bags in the shipping container or inside the packaged goods immediately prior to distribution or storage

  • Insert the pack with the printed (Tyvek) side face-up

  • Calcium Chloride and Gelling agent based Food Grade, Non-toxic, Non-Hazardous, Bio-degradable

  • Space the VA Pharma Pack Packs evenly throughout the shipping container or storage unit

  • Keep VA Pharma Pack Cargo Desiccant Bags away from sharp objects


Advantages of Cargo Desiccant Bags

  • VA PHARMA PACK formula is effective in lowering dewpoint inside shipping and storage containers

  • Long-lasting design provides protection against mold, mildew, rust and corrosion up to 45 days or more

  • Easy-to-use – Simply place in containers with the number of bags dependent upon container size

  • Durable, heat-sealed and film construction

Application of Cargo Desiccant Bags

  • Ocean, truck, rail and air shipping containers.

  • Protection of machinery, canned goods, and steel products against rust.

  • Protection of food packages from moisture contamination.

  • Protection of goods in warehouse storage


Digital Moisture Meter

This Machine shows that we can reduce Moisture in Peanuts, Groundnuts, Sesame Seeds.