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About Us

About VA Pharma

About VA Pharma Pack


VA Pharma Pack is dedicated to complete technical solutions for moisture & humidity related problems for all industries. We offer top of the line, cost-effective solutions for resolving and negating harmful impact of humidity & moisture. Our solutions are environmentally friendly, non-toxic & easy to use. We adhere to superior International & Domestic Standards to meet our customer’s stringent requirements. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Va Pharma



A competitive and innovative approach to resolving industry wide moisture problems makes VA Pharma Pack the on stop solution for moisture & humidity control. We offer industry specific options to protect your goods at each stage of manufacturing, packaging, storage & transportation that increase the quality & shelf-life of your goods. Long-term storage is made possible by negating harmful effects of moisture in each layer of packing. Hence, your products can safely reach markets which were previously impossible. Your specific needs are met efficiently and in a timely fashion.

We proudly serve the following Industries :

Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Avionics, Electronics, Engineering, Chemical, Oil & Gas, Food, Packaging, Logistics & Shipping

VA Pharma Company
VA Pharma Company

VA Pharma pack is a leading provider of packaging solutions that helps businesses, irrespective of their organization size, to perfectly cater to the modified atmosphere packaging requirements, aiming for a more sustainable world. With a dexterous crew of professionals, we efficiently harness the latest innovations and state-of-the-art modeling systems in packaging products in a multitude of areas, including medical packaging, food processing, aerospace systems, electronics, engineering items and energy transmission networks.

We, at VA Pharma Pack, understand the evolving needs of the businesses, thereby provide custom-made packaging products that desiccants, adsorbents, cargo protection products, oxygen absorbers, sealer products, standard poly vacuum bags, mini pouches, jumbo foil barrier bags, Aluminum foil laminated bags and other associated accessories.

From conceptualization to implementation and from manufacturing to delivery, we endeavor to provide products without breaking your budget. Our products undergo stringent quality checks (QCs) to deliver the stellar level of performance superiority to clients. Thanks to the evolving technology- new packaging materials are being significantly manufactured that are eco-friendly and have minimal to no impact on the environment.

Since moisture is something every business is worried about, we also supply a wide range of moisture-proof packaging solutions that include container desiccants, moisture absorbers, small packaging desiccant sachets, pharmaceutical desiccants, barrier foil laminates, pre-formed foil bags, and adsorbent materials. Besides offering the superior moisture control packaging, we even provide thorough guidance and knowledge to extend the shelf life of the products by guiding businesses about the adsorbents selections.

Being a leading packaging solutions provider, our fervent crew of professionals is dedicated to providing exceptionally great customer support and unmatched product quality. All our products adhere to International Standards, REACH, ROHS and US FDA compliance. We also provide GMP and EU compliant products for Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Food industry, ensuring they are safe to pack in primary packaging environments.

Because we understand quality is something that matters the most, we undertake the aspect of cost, as well. We provide an extensive range of product solutions that may seamlessly adapt to your business needs with ease.